Studio Packages

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Studio Rental

Don't just make videos to watch. Create content for your audience to spend time with your brand. If you are not putting consistent content out on video, you are missing 85% of your potential audience. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and your website all draw in, capture, and sell with video. All packages include HD digital video file for all those platforms. PLUS: Audio file for podcast usage.

Whether you have a specific need for one single video, or you have recurring content on a weekly or monthly basis, we are your content partner for all platforms.

Flex Studio

The flex studio is designed for thought leaders, business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs committed to consistent video content.

With our monthly membership options, you have access to the full production suite for your big ideas.

We are here to create an unparalleled filming experience that helps you amplify your brand without spending a fortune on tech and teams.

We help forward-thinking companies and visionary entrepreneurs share their value to the world


We will work with you and your team to create a video that amplifies revenue — from education-based marketing, thought leadership, product launches, commercials, speaker videos, online courses to documentaries.

Podcasters can record in our studio and take advantage of our full podcast production. From recording to show notes. We handle it all.

Full video production services for your big ideas. Let us be an extension of your team.



Live Training & Workshops

This is all about a small event, big audience. This is a turnkey production of your workshop. If you have a current workshop you run with in-person attendees, we can produce those trainings in our studio and broadcast to a live audience.

Event Lab Studios can expand your impact with your audience. Workshop creators can focus on their content and execution while we take all the complexity out of high-quality production. When the influencers and the best-of-the-best brands gather, they turn to Event Lab Studios to produce their event, create thought leadership, and film their courses.

Awards & Celebrations

Celebrate your company success as we broadcast your vision to your industry or private company event.

We can produce a full-featured awards celebration, fundraiser, or nonprofit event for your group. We have an in-house, award-winning emcee that can step in as your awards emcee and show host.

Our full production team can remotely interview your presentations, interviews, and celebrations. We've run full awards shows right from our studio featuring musical performances, comedic openings, remote celebrations, viewer engagement, and more.

Product Launch Events

Launch products anytime. No more waiting for event timings. Seriously, Amazon wouldn't do that.

Companies now have an option for going green while featuring more of their product line than would fit in their trade show booth.Your potential clients can watch at their leisure without the pressure of having to “pitch” within a short amount of time and with distractions from the trade show floor.

Busy decision-makers cannot attend every trade show, association meeting, product demo, expo, user conference, and industry conference. With a product launch, you can reach people where they are.

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