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Introduction to Creating Successful Events

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Patrick and Carrie on how to create successful events and differentiate yourself in a virtual world.

In This Episode

Patrick and Carrie talk about the following: 

  • How top brands can convert in-person events to virtual ones by transitioning to a broadcast format.
  • The “blessing in disguise” and how these new events allow for more guest interaction.
  • Creating a magical and memorable experience for attendees through the element of surprise.
  • The importance of paying attention to detail to understand end goals.
  • The strategy behind defining your audience and aligning it with your brand (Who, How big, etc.)
  • What event producers are doing wrong, and how you can keep an eye out for potential mistakes.
  • The concept of small event, big audience and how you can scale your event by attracting a larger audience. 
  • Transformation in the world and how event planners can navigate this new space and execute an event of the future.
  • How to not just focus on the obvious, but to make better decisions for your brand by going above and beyond and showing up for your audience.

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