Podcast Production

Launch a Podcast

There are certain items that you must have before you can launch your very own podcast! First you will want to create a website, custom player, microphone flag design and production workflow. At Eventlab Studios, you can completely outsource your podcast production process with professional audio and the highest level of production value.

Professionally Produced Intros and Outros for Your Podcast

Every podcast needs an impactful intro and outro to hook your audience and keep them engaged. Add a catchy jingle or music clip in with some gripping content from each episode to start your podcast off strong. We have a professional voiceover artist on staff who can produce any intro or outro to fit your brand.

Podcast Show Notes

Professionally-produced podcasts publish show notes to let listeners know what each episode covers. It is vital to include an impactful subject line to draw potential listeners to click on your page. This also helps improve organic listener growth and search engine optimization for your brand.

Podcast Post Production Team

Made a mistake during recording? No worries. Our producers can take out all of your “likes” or “ums” and add in smooth transitions. Any background noise can be eliminated and the volume will be set to industry standard. Our team makes sure that your podcast has a natural flow and sounds effortless. At the end, you get a finished product (usually in MP3 format) to publish wherever you would like: iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and more. We can even publish it for you as we offer full production services from start to finish.

Studio Rental and Set Up

Want to produce your podcast in our professional recording studio? You can do it! We’ve got all the tools you would need including podcast mics, headphones, editors, social media strategists, publishers, writers and more. You can rent out the studio to record as little or as often as you would like, then let us do the rest. Eventlab Studios is your turnkey production house for all video and podcast production.

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