Live Virtual Events

Event Agenda

You can create a virtual experience for any type of event! When hosting an event with Eventlab Studios, creators have the chance to focus on their content and execution while we take all the complexity out of high quality production. During the early planning stages, we review your schedule and then transform it into a detailed run of show. This provides a clear vision on exactly what is happening at every moment of the event. Whether you have live keynote speakers, remote speakers, panel discussions, fireside chats, presentations, sponsor highlights or musical performers we can support your event from beginning to end.

Professional Visual Elements

You can improve the quality of your event with our full production, marketing and event planning team. Don’t have your own designers? Don’t sweat it. We specialize in content development and can create professionally produced graphics and branded assets for your event. This includes on-screen graphics for speakers, sponsors or any other event sessions. These assets can be used in social media promotions, custom video thumbnails and more.

Live vs. Pre-Recorded Elements

When live streaming an event, you can decide which elements you would like to perform live, and which you would like to pre-record. We make sure to rehearse with each guest prior to the event to ensure that proper lighting and audio are set ahead of time. Everything is put together so that viewers experience the event in a live setting. All packages include HD digital video file recordings PLUS audio files for podcast usage. You can also live stream to all social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Emcees and Live Music

The goal of every event is to provide a high production value. An event emcee can do just that and is the liaison between a company and the audience. They bring an added sense of entertainment, engagement, energy and influence while helping the event run smoothly. We encourage hiring a professional to ensure they have a comedic, fun personality and leadership ability to command the attention of an audience. Check out our podcast where we talk about the importance of a virtual event emcee. Live musicians can also increase production value since they are familiar and normally seen at many in-person events. At Eventlab studios, we work with Emcees and musicians to increase your production value and execute your vision.

Event Engagement

Want to increase your event attendance and engagement? We got you! Our licensed engagement platform brings your audience together through live conversations, dedicated Q&A moderators, audience polls, surveys, word clouds, quiz tools, training and trivia. This adds a unique experience for your guests to participate in and inspires speakers as they get feedback while speaking on camera. Guests can also be invited into virtual rooms where they can interact and network with smaller amounts of people at a time. With many events being cancelled, audiences can use these engagement tools to reunite with others and express their excitement! Based on the the type of event you are hosting, we can design an engagement strategy that is right for you.

Customized Event Websites

Many events are performed on stages which doesn’t change with virtual events! Eventlab Studios can create a “virtual event stage” website for your event where attendees can watch the show. This is where your audience can comment, like, enter polls and ask questions live. These websites are customized to your brand and allow for a smooth production process on the day of your event. Each page is designed specifically for conversion and ease of registration so you can sell more tickets! Give your attendees piece of mind that when they attend your event they don’t have to be concerned about showing their camera. For turnkey production, we also offer email campaign copy, social media scheduled campaigns, behind the scenes photos for Instagram/Facebook stories and captioning.

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