Live Webcasting Services

Live Webcast

If you want to involve and expand your audience at your next event, you are going to want to do a live webcast. This way, not only can your attendees watch your event live in-person, but others can also tune in from anywhere, anytime. EventLab Studios offers high-quality live streaming services for any event: large or small!

Live Conference Streaming

Provide a professional video experience for your conference, without the hassle of doing it yourself. We take the complexity out of high-quality production and event management, so that you can focus on your attendees. Have a conference that was supposed to be in-person? We can imitate audience interaction with questions, polls and word engagement strategies so that they receive a similar experience! Speakers can be filmed live in our studio and for any remote guests, we can broadcast virtually.

Live Training

We can expand the impact you make with your audience and increase your sales. Instead of audiences watching each training on their own time, now they can interact live and share their questions from wherever they are watching. This makes for an all-around enriching experience from start to finish. Eventlab Studios can assist you with any in-person workshop that you usually run, and transform it in the virtual space.

Live Event Recording

Our team is ready to plan, manage and execute your event. We first create an agenda and graphics, then set up top-notch audio and video equipment with editors and producers on staff available to offer you a professional finished product. Show notes and speaker transcriptions are also available upon request so that your viewers can choose how they consume your content.

Live Webinars

We work with forward-looking companies and visionaries so they can impact their industry without spending a fortune. Booking a project with EventLab Studios ensures that your speakers will receive access to top technology and production assistants that help the event run smoothly. You will know exactly what is in store before you enter our studio to record, and we take care of booking any necessary rehearsals with guests. Our goal is to take the work off your hands and produce a remarkable product for your brand.

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