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Streaming Video

EventLab Studios has mastered the art of streaming video. Whether it be for virtual events, conferences, trainings, product launches, thought leadership, masterminds or webcasts, our team has you covered. Read more about our webcasting services here. We offer different packages and pricing to meet each of your your specific project needs and are determined tp make sure your event runs smoothly.

Live Streaming vs. Live Broadcast

Every company has this one big problem since the beginning of time, and that is to differentiate their company from the competition. When producing a virtual event or live broadcast, it is very important to make sure your production holds high value. As a business owner, we’ve placed high value in the physical world from customer lobbies, product packaging, company branding and even our employee workplaces. The flaw with the way most event producers package their virtual events is that they use tools that anyone can use. Everything looks the same and people feel as if they are part of meetings instead of actual event experiences. This is why some virtual events are not able to engage their audiences. At Eventlab Studios, we do things differently. You see, we all grew up in a TV generation. We’ve been watching Super Bowls, Academy Awards, and even home shopping networks like infomercials to learn and discover about products and even for entertainment. These are virtual events. And if you haven’t noticed, anyone with access to a mobile phone can livestream on Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms. This means you need your live event to have high production value in order for you to separate your event experience from the rest. The types of events we produce leverage time-tested engagement strategies that Hollywood and television studios have been using for years to engage audiences virtually. We call this live event broadcasting.

The Process

EventLab Studios, is your turnkey production studio for virtual and hybrid events. If we told you you could get thousands of people together from the comfort of their homes, would you do it? Live streaming has now become a popular way to increase audience size and engagement.


We have a full production team, in house audio engineers, producers and post-production services with professional presentation audio and 4k broadcast cameras for the highest level of production value. We can produce anything in our studio and broadcast to a live audience, or manage it remotely.


Through a live broadcast, you can make your events feel intimate while still reaching thousands of people. Think small event, BIG audience. We offer engagement tools such as live engagement technology platforms, dedicated Q&A moderators for your events, audience polls, surveys, Q&As, word clouds and quiz tools for gamification that can add another exciting layer to your event live broadcast. Want to make it even better? We can add an Emcee and live musician into your package to ensure the highest level of production value.


After producing any live stream content with Eventlab Studios, you will receive a professional recording that can be shared with your network and attendees. Professional show notes and transcriptions are also available as an additional way to create value for your audience. Our team is capable of handling a wide range of creative packaging and has the tools to manage anything from minor edits to fully produced products.

If you want to learn about how we can help you create an amazing event. Click here and get in touch with our team today.

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