July 2020

[fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/eventlabstudios/The_Impact_and_Value_of_an_Event_Emcee.mp3" title="The Impact and Value of an Event Emcee" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" ] The Emcee is a liaison between a company and the audience. Patrick and Carrie share the importance of hiring an Emcee and what value it can bring to your event. Featuring special guest, Jef Rawls. In This Episode Patrick and Carrie talk about the following:  The role of an Emcee as it pertains to audience engagement, entertainment and a smooth run of showKnowing what is

[fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/eventlabstudios/Expectations_of_Your_Event.mp3" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true" ] Patrick and Carrie on how to communicate your vision and focus on expectations and key results. In This Episode Patrick and Carrie talk about the following:  Setting expectations for your event no matter what format: Live or VirtualCreating commitments and making decisions that align with your goals and objectivesDifferentiating your expectations vs. your customers’ expectationsMinimizing mistakes and resolving conflicts by gaining clarity and identifying key resultsThe book, Measure What Matters, which discusses the science

[fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/eventlabstudios/final-how-to-choose-virtual-event-business.mp3" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" social_linkedin="true" ] For Your Conference, Corporate Event, Awards Show, Product Launch, Or Training Reaching your teams, clients, shareholders, audience, and customers is crucial right now more than ever. But no one, I mean no one, gets excited when they see another Zoom meeting pop up on their calendar. This is why it is so important to know how to choose a virtual event broadcast company that can elevate the delivery of your message, keep your audience

[fusebox_track_player url="https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/eventlabstudios/Introduction_to_Creating_Successful_Events.mp3" title="Introduction to Creating Successful Events" ] Patrick and Carrie on how to create successful events and differentiate yourself in a virtual world. In This Episode Patrick and Carrie talk about the following:  How top brands can convert in-person events to virtual ones by transitioning to a broadcast format.The “blessing in disguise” and how these new events allow for more guest interaction.Creating a magical and memorable experience for attendees through the element of surprise.The importance of paying attention to detail to understand end

EventLab Studios has been producing events and product launches for top brands, tech companies, and VC’s throughout the us. Our Studio is located in Scottsdale, Arizona where top influencers and the best of the best brands gather, they turn to us to help them produce their event, create thought leadership, and film courses. Here is what is included:Studio: 4k Multicamera HD ProductionCustom lighting optionsPresenter confidence monitorsTraining stage, white board stage, flatscreen TV Monitor, Flip chartBroadcast quality technology Filming: Multi Camera switchingShow presentation slides, pre-roll

Bringing your teams together safely is simply not possible in all circumstances. As a business owner, there are so many messages you would normally meet in-person to communicate like training, celebrations, and company events. Did you know that messages from an employer are an employees best source for truthful information? Yeah, people are counting on us in more ways than you think. When we produce an event, create a commercial, film an industry conference, film an online course, or perform live, it