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The Impact and Value of an Event Emcee

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The Emcee is a liaison between a company and the audience. Patrick and Carrie share the importance of hiring an Emcee and what value it can bring to your event. Featuring special guest, Jef Rawls.

In This Episode

Patrick and Carrie talk about the following: 

  • The role of an Emcee as it pertains to audience engagement, entertainment and a smooth run of show
  • Knowing what is going to happen and when, so that you can master your cues
  • Why you need someone influential, and can’t just choose any Emcee for your live event
  • The idea that an Emcee is the liaison between a company and the audience
  • Reducing variables and the power of scripted vs. improv.
  • Making the Emcee a part of your team so they have solid knowledge of your business and unique content
  • Handling risk management and ensuring your Emcee practices “clean comedy” in a professional setting
  • The importance of an Emcee’s personality, energy and leadership ability to command attention
  • What to consider when choosing an Emcee for your virtual event
  • How an Emcee can become the “audience” for any keynote speaker so they don’t have to speak to a blank screen
  • How to elevate your energy and convey confidence through the lens of a camera
  • The concept that audiences are already trained on what successful TV looks like

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