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Sell out your Events without Spending a Fortune on Advertising

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Differentiating your company from the competition is challenging for any organization. Patrick and Carrie discuss how to create a strong brand and sell out your events by bringing in the right audience.

In This Episode

Patrick and Carrie talk about the following: 

  • Getting the right people at your event by building the most desirable audience that fulfills your vision
  • The power of marketing and gaining testimonials to double your registration at future events
  • Access to the FREE Guide: How to Choose a Virtual Event Broadcast Company at eventlabstudios.com/virtual 
  • Creating and building a strong brand that stands out so that tickets sell themselves. 
  • The importance of establishing a personal brand and then moving into impact and conversion
  • Emotional vs. logical buyers and direct response marketing
  • Messaging tactics and how to make your marketing about your audience and not your event
  • How to “desire” without “non-desire” messaging
  • Email marketing and calls to action: How to not overwhelm your audience while still making an impact

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