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Expectations of Your Event

Patrick and Carrie on how to communicate your vision and focus on expectations and key results.

In This Episode

Patrick and Carrie talk about the following: 

  • Setting expectations for your event no matter what format: Live or Virtual
  • Creating commitments and making decisions that align with your goals and objectives
  • Differentiating your expectations vs. your customers’ expectations
  • Minimizing mistakes and resolving conflicts by gaining clarity and identifying key results
  • The book, Measure What Matters, which discusses the science and data that has guided the scaling of top companies through OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • The importance of customer service, response time, brand messaging, and technology
  • How to determine customer satisfaction and know that you were successful post-production
  • How to segment your audience and tailor specific messaging and advertising to each type of customer
  • Collecting testimonials and setting the stage for the promotion of your next event
  • How to choose the right sponsors and protect your audience’s expectations
  • Emotional vs. Logical buyers and how they receive information differently
  • Internal vs. External teams and the expectations you need to set with them to guarantee success 
  • The idea of “learning along the way” and ensuring your partners share your values

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