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Perfectly Planned and Executed Events

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Become more profitable by reducing the complexity while planning and marketing virtual events by knowing exactly what needs to be done before, during and after the event. Surrounding yourself with the right people who understand your brand can increase efficiency and have a huge impact on results for viewers and attendees. Today, Patrick and Carrie are joined by Briana King who works in marketing and production at EventLab Studios.

In This Episode:

Patrick and Carrie talk about the following:

  • The idea that events can be a “work of art” and how they relate to many other art forms
  • The importance in how speakers perform and deliver content during live events vs. recorded ones
  • Rules and rhythms that must happen every time in the event planning process
  • How to construct a checklist and collect necessary assets from clients
  • How to build and formulate a perfect set design
  • Keeping up to date with virtual and live event trends
  • How to effectively market your event in both pre and post production
  • Using coaching to execute proven marketing and technical strategies
  • How to transport your content into a virtual masterpiece

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